Lease Options

Purchase Financing

Purchase is the most straight-forward agreement which includes making a down payment on a vehicle followed by paying a fixed monthly amount in order to spread the cost of purchasing a motor car over a number of years. A benefit of this agreement includes that the initial deposit is flexible. Terms available include 24-84 month financing. To save time and get pre-approved, fill out the form HERE.

As we are specialists in the space, we are happy to provide clarification on Leasing options as it’s a common question from our customers. The most common types of finance arrangement includes:

Car Lease:

Open-End Lease:

In this scenario you are able to drive an unlimited amount of kilometers as you are not subject to over mileage costs but in this case you, the lessee, take responsibility for the “guaranteed residual value” determined in the lease contract. When the vehicle is returned, if the value has increased the difference will be provided back to you. If the value of the vehicle has diminished or the vehicle has been sold for a lesser amount then you will be responsible for the shortcoming.

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